Ferrari 458 Italia

Production vehicle, designed and developed at the Pininfarina Design Center

The Ferrari 458 Italia is a successor in a long and noble bloodline of mid-engined V8 berlinettas. The lineage began in 1975 with 308 GTB. Many of the distinctive design elements like air intakes were left out, creating an automobile that was primarily shaped in the wind tunnel, carrying over F1 technique.

Most notable are the concave shapes shapes in the flanks that leap toward a new design language, developed as new form for the whole future model range.

The concept of the front is echoed in the dolphin-tail rear end which appears suspended to provide an inpression of lightness and efficiency, while the rear volumes add a sense of power to the tail. The rear diffuser juts out and has been developed in width: its design was inspired by that of the Formula One and GT2 and GT3 cars.

The Ferrari 458 features a two tone livery for the Speciale series.