Naked Motorbike

Originally a naked bike would have been a sports bike with the fairing removed, the wiring tidied up to show off the engine and a few adjustments like flatter handlebars to make the riding position less aggressive.

Today, this naked is designed that way from the off. The raw image of this modern bike is emphasized by the distinctive function of each of the uniquely designed parts, making them bold extensions of the more solid mechanics. This resulted in a quirky dynamic design, translating the bike's dynamics. The ergonomical set up is distinctively mastered for a fun power ride and the design is optimized for handling and manoeuvrability on curvy roads and tracks.

In the grand scheme of things this model is one of the most popular bikes on the Chinese roads and tends to be used for shorter intensive rides at the weekend rather than longer trips. It features a de-tuned engine from the previous generation range topping sports bike, the engine adjusted for lots of torque lower down the range at the expense of top end power.